How Does Online Personal Training Work?

Online Training is the up and coming newest and easiest way to transform your body. With online personal training, you get access to some of the best personal trainers across the world. Now with improvements on the technology side, it is far easier to complete exercises and follows a programme to achieve your goals. Online Training works by gathering information from you around your goals. This is essential for our trainers to build your routine. In addition, you will have our own app where you can see our exercise animations and easily track your progress. Also included is our nutrition app allowing you to easily add foods and calories as part of your everyday life. In addition to exercise and nutrition, you will be part of our TimeForFitness community. Where there are monthly challenges to keep you motivated.

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Is online personal training for you?

Now, I’m not going to say its for everyone. However, if you are struggling to eat healthier and exercise it may be for you. If you find yourself aimlessly walking between exercise machines or following fad diets that a friend of a friend had success with. Then online training will provide you with the road map to achieve your goals. Each exercise is clear with a short animation on how to complete the exercise so you never get lost.

Included is our nutrition App providing you with nutrition tips. Also a personal trainer for any questions around how to achieve your fitness goals. Some people may know how to get fitter and healthier but struggle with motivation. This is why we provide a monthly challenge for everyone in our TFF team and don’t forget you will have 24/7 contact with your trainer who will ensure you’re eating well and working hard.

Online Personal Training vs Face to Face Personal Training

In the last few years, online training has come along way with new apps and easier ways to keep in communication with your trainer.

How much does it cost?

Price: Now the price for the average personal trainer is around £30 – £40 (40$ – 55$) per hour. During a 6 week programme, seeing your trainer twice a week this adds to an incredible price of between £360 and £480 per 6 weeks. However, online personal training with TimeForFitness costs online £50 for the full package every 6 weeks.

Where can you train?

Location: With our lives getting busier with work, family, and friends it hard to set aside specific times to meet with your personal trainer. Therefore you don’t go to the gym and still have to pay your trainer for the missed session. However, the beauty of online personal training is the ability to be able to fit your workouts around your busy day. As you are already provided with the workout and videos you can complete them when and where you wish. As we all know that work and family come first. Online training allows you flexibility.

How do I communicate with my trainer?

Trainers: Face to face training works great as you are able to meet with the trainer and have a person with you during each repetition. However, is it really needed to watch every repetition of every set and every exercise? With online training here at TimeForFitness, we arrange a Skype chat at the beginning, middle and end of your programme. Allowing us to great your personalized routine, change any exercises and gather feedback. In addition within the app you can contact your trainer 24/7.

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